• I am a Lecturer in Civil Engineering and Environmental Materials in the Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences.
  • One of the main emphases of my research is on the environmentally friendly and industrially effective pre-treatments for the industrial production of bio-composites with wheat straw, hemp, flax, sisal and jute.
  • During my PhD, I was simultaneously working as a research associate since 2014 on several European projects, i.e. Grow2Build, VIP4ALL, REWOBIOREF and GELCLAD.


  • Natural fibre composite production, formulation and characterisation have been the main interest of my research. In this framework, in 2015, I was appointed as the Manager of the Grow2Build European Centre of Excellence, which serves as a permanent focal point for local manufactures, industries and research centres interested in bio-based building products, providing technical support and innovation for utilisation of bio-products in the construction industry.